Design Process

Your Input

We will require your input on both a creative and administrative basis. You will be required to complete both the Design Brief and Text content for your website. Unfortunately, we will not be able to create an effective website without this information.

We will contact you throughout the process via email and phone, so it is important that you check your emails on a regular basis.

Length Of Process

The length of time it takes to complete your design work greatly depends upon the speed with which you complete your content after registration, including sending us the relevant images.

We can guarantee, given full co-operation, that the full process will not exceed eight weeks, however we find in practice that this timeline can dramatically decreased.

Please note that designs are completed on a first come first served basis.

The Design Brief

The Design Brief is a series of questions created to stimulate ideas for the design of your logo and website. When briefing a designer it is important to provide all the information you can in order to have a logo or website reflecting your business’ personality and to avoid disappointment.

If you have had any design work carried out for your business, ranging from business cards, leaflets etc, and you are currently using these designs for trading, please forward this material to us. This will allow us to remain consistent with your current branding.

Feel free to use examples of websites or imagery you have seen and admired before in the public arena. The more clues you give about your design tastes, the more likely our designers will be able to create the right design for you and your business.

You will be allocated one session of revisions for slight amendments to the original designs.

The Website Content

It is important to ensure that the text is succinct and easy to read as web users rarely read whole pages. Also write more simply than you would in printed publications. Break text up with headings and bullet points.

We recommend that you place up to 250 words of text per page on the site. It is possible to include more text than this but the design of the site can deteriorate when overloaded with text. A decision on the final text is usually made after consultation with the Client Executive.