​Email Marketing

There are many benefits of email marketing, including low or no distribution costs, precision targeting and the ability to track an individual’s response to the email.

Email shots

Email shots are an affordable and effective way to direct visitors to your website. Target your email shots to groups of customers who would be interested in the content of the email, and the features you are directing them to on your website. You can either target a section of your existing customer base or rent a mailing list.

You can rent email addresses of very specific users – including choosing by age, region, or profession - allowing you to tailor your campaign. You can easily create email shots using special software or, if you are limiting the number of recipients, by simply using the BCC feature on Microsoft’s Outlook.

Viral campaigns

Viral marketing is a low-cost way of reaching new customers, and is based on word of mouth and recommendation. By featuring a compelling and unique offer – like a competition or discount – within an email, you can encourage users to forward this on to other people. You could offer a “reward” for referrals, such as a product discount or entrance into a prize draw on your website.


E-newsletters, or email newsletters, can help build customer loyalty as well as direct people back to your website. Send them to your existing customers, suppliers and clients to provide information that they’d find interesting, such as product launches, discounts or service improvements.


You can give e-vouchers to your customers each time they make an online purchase, or distribute them at a trade show or in a sales letter. These can then be redeemed on your website at a later date. E-vouchers are a great way of encouraging repeat visits and increasing the value of a one-off purchase.