Online Advertising

By marketing your website on the internet, you are targeting users who are just one click away from your products or services. Online advertising can be cost-effective, highly targeted and encourage interactivity.

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Banner ads

You may want to consider buying banner ads on other websites. These serve as online advertisements that can help to build awareness of your brand and service. Banner ads are usually displayed on the top of a website page like these acca tips or down the sides, and come in various shapes and sizes. When a user clicks on the banner they are taken directly to your site.

In order to generate the best response from your banners, make sure you include a "call to action", keep the design clean, and place them on websites which have a similar customer base to those you are trying to reach, or offer complementary productsor services.

Banner space is usually paid on a "cost per thousand impressions" (CPM) basis. An impression is when an ad appears on the web page the user is currently viewing. However, because you can’t tell whether a user has actually noticed the ad, you may want to buy space on a "cost per click basis", where you only pay when someone arrives at your site from clicking on the banner.

You could also join a Banner Exchange (also known as a Banner Network) which allows you to exchange banner advertising space with other website members, so that you get to promote your site for free.

Reciprocal links

Exchanging website links with other businesses is a free way of increasing the "traffic" to your own website. Under this arrangement, you would agree to put links to these businesses on your website in exchange for one on theirs.

Identify websites that offer complementary services to yours, and contact the owners to suggest exchanging links. If you don’t want to do this yourself, there are Link Exchange networks that will arrange relevant reciprocal links for you.

Make sure that the links are to relevant areas or features on your site (such as a particular product, or article), not just the homepage.

An added benefit of reciprocal links is that they can help to boost your ranking in search engines.

Affiliate deals

To further encourage your partners to promote your website you can arrange affiliate deals. This means they earn a percentage of any purchase made by a customer who comes to you via a link on their website.